REACH Research and Education Institute is newly established independent think-and-do tank based in Bratislava, Slovakia, focusing on issues of extremism, radicalization of public opinion and formulation of de-radicalization strategies.

Formed in 2015 as a common initiative of group of young researchers and analysts, its primary aim is to contribute to expert discussion on the most current political and social issues, mediation of dialogue between different actors, to produce research, analyses and recommendations for both policy-makers and civil society representatives in order to increase the quality of policy decisions and the state of civil society.

REACH Institute promotes research-based and evidence-based policy making process, to strengthen the cooperation of research institutions, academia, civil society and policy-makers and to put interdisciplinary research methods into practice in order to achieve positive change in terms of civil society, intra-societal relations and political culture.


REACH Research and Education Institute is common project of a group of young, motivated researchers and analysts with wide experience from academia and non-governmental sector. We share a vision of creating the “bridge” between academia, research institutions, disposing the knowledge and methodology, on one hand, and civil society and policy-makers, i.e. the actors that operate in the field, on the other. With extensive experience from various organizational frameworks and fields of research, we are dedicated to strengthen the quality of expert discussion in Slovakia and address the most challenging issues through proper methodological and evaluation-based approach. Our mission includes establishment of well-respected “think-and-do tank”, operating in close partnership with wide range of stakeholders in the Slovak society in order to formulate the best and quality responses to the challenges that our society faces today.

Our mission

The main aims of the REACH Institute are:

  • to strengthen the democratization of political institutions with focus on social issues;
  • to strengthen the evidence and research based approach and its utilization in addressing the most challenging issues in the society;
  • to strengthen the cross-sectoral cooperation and relations between research institutions, academia, civil society (especially the grass-root practitioners) and policy-makers;
  • to contribute the development of solutions and responses to major intra-societal challenges in Slovak Republic.

Our topics

The main research topics of REACH Research and Education Institute include:

  • inter-cultural and intra-societal relations in Slovak society;
  • radicalization of public opinion and formulation of counter-extremist strategies;
  • research of growing support for right-wing extremism ideas and movements;
  • nationalism and minorities;
  • education policies;
  • media and objectivity of media products;