European Fair Skills

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European Fair Skills is two-year project organized jointly by German non-governmental organization Cultures Interactive and non-governmental organisations from Central Europe : REACH – Research and Education Institute (Slovakia), Eruditio Publica (Czech Republic) and Kontiki (Hungary).

European Fairs Skills project is a reaction to the current situation in the Central European region. It has been observed that extremist attitudes in certain parts of the society have strongly taken hold in these countries, which is made apparent by increasing popularity of right-wing extremist political parties, organised militant right-wing extremist groups, anti-Semitic and anti-Roma rhetoric, attacks motivated by homophobia or attacks on Roma settlements. The goal of this project is, therefore to test transferring approaches for community-oriented and target group specific prevention work which have proven effective in Germany to different national contexts. The methodology is based on the long-term experience of Cultures Interactive and their developed and tested target group specific (model) project approaches and concepts as well as prevention work that is connected to the community, where holistic community approach as well as offers tailored approach to different stakeholders is required.

The following three sets of measures will be implemented in each respective country:

  •    Fair Skills trainings are held as multipliers to implement a civil society youth culture work approach which also conducts on-site training with at-risk adolescents and further training aimed at educators and youth culture stakeholders for primary and secondary prevention work with youth
  •    LocalDerad trainings aim to establish a regional network for right-wing extremist prevention with local stakeholders from the government, administration, civil society, social work, schools, etc.

The European Fair Skills project is focused on young people. In general, it is believed that young people tend to accept more extreme and anti-systematic ideas than the rest of the population, and as we believe, in Slovakia the phenomenon is even more visible. An experiment conducted less than a month before the parliamentary elections held in 2016, on a sample of high school students brought surprising results showing that the elections were dominated by the anti-system and populist parties. Exit polls after the parliamentary elections showed even more disturbing results with 23% of the first-time voters voted for the extremist party People’s Party Our Slovakia, and 11% for populist party We Are Family. Both these results are much above the real results of the elections, in which People’s Party Our Slovakia gained 8.04% and We Are Family 6.62%. This, as we believe, clearly indicates the need of focused work with this target group.

European Fair Skills project is co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union.