Local DeRad seminar

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On April 27 – 28, 2016, we held the Local DeRad seminar, as part of European Fair Skills project.

Local Derad is an integrated approach to professionally deal with the phenomenon of right- wing extremism in youth work, youth welfare and communities. This approach was developed and tested nationwide from 2011 to 2014 as part of a model project by the NGO Cultures Interactive in Germany, in cooperation with social workers and youth clubs. Originally, Local Derad is a qualification course that comprises five modules in a timespan of two days.
Over the course of two days from April 27th to April 28th, 18 representatives of the Slovak NGO community, predominantly from Bratislava and Banská Bystrica, attended the Local Derad training with the purpose of discussing this integrated approach of community oriented prevention work in order to act long term and sustainably against group-focused enmity, hate crime and violence motivated by right-wing extremism. The participants represented a diverse spectrum of NGOs, academia, think tanks and civic education organizations. They familiarized themselves with the intervention plan, which is the central training tool, and learned to apply it according to their working contexts and goals. For this reason, the plan is a substantial part of the EFS training, with useful methodology and various specific exercises which are a very useful inspiration in the context of youth work (cf. http://www.cultures-interactive.de/en/localderad.html)

The structure of the training covered both informative as well as interactive segments. First, a short semi-structured discussion among participants took place, followed by a picture game, where participants together and with the help of visuals summarized, in a non-lecture way, the main characteristics of right-wing extremism in Slovakia as well as the most crucial challenges that society is currently facing. Secondly, the CI project on the gender aspect within the issue of right-wing extremism has been discussed, inciting interest in a topic that is largely under-researched in Slovakia (cf. womex.org). The substantial part of the workshop was dedicated to group work and the testing the specific intervention methods, such as role play or situation analysis by the participants themselves. The Local Derad training thus became a unique opportunity to try the methods used in youth work by youth workers themselves and therefore enables them to improve their reactions in the future.

Below, we include some of the photos from the seminar:


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