Series of workshops ahead us

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During the last April week, REACH in cooperation with Cultures Interactive (CI), non-governmental organization from Germany, organize series of educational events. Their aim is to introduce an integrated approach of community oriented prevention work in order to act long term and sustainably against group-focused enmity, hate crime and violence motivated by right-wing extremism via work with youth centers.

Local Derad 

Local Derad is an integrated approach to professionally deal with the phenomenon of right-wing extremism in youth work, youth welfare and communities. This approach was developed from 2011 to 2014 as part of a model project by the NGO cultures interactive in Germany in cooperation with social workers and youth clubs and has been tested nationwide.

Originally Local Derad is a qualification course that comprises five modules in two days. The participants of the workshop will get familiar with the intervention plan which is the central tool of the training, and learn to apply it according to their working contexts and goals.

Goals of Qualification

  • recognise and assess the potential risks and context factors of right-wing extremism and different forms of group hatred (e.g. racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, etc.)
  • become aware of the resources, potentials and limitations in your own work
  • develop, implement and evaluate systematic steps for problem solution
  • develop skills for sustainable human rights-oriented youth work

Train-the-Trainer workshop

EFS Train-the-Trainer workshop contains an approach of youth-cultural social intervention which combines elements of civic education/ pedagogical anti-bias training, psychologically based open-process group work, and peer-learning in youth-cultural activities (including Breakdance, Skateboarding, Slam Poetry, Techno-DJ-ing, Digital Music Production, Comic and Graffiti, Visual Design and others).

While receiving pre-vocational training in order to work as youth-cultural workshop facilitators themselves, the adolescent participants also gain emotional and social intelligence and biographical awareness, and they adopt specific anti-violence and anti-bias methods, enabling them to – informally – promote civil society values and skills.

Various forms of youth culture can help gain access to at-risk youth who are often not very easy to reach. Hip hop, techno, skateboarding, punk, emo, gothic, riot grrrls, metal – v these all offer adolescents important connecting factors to reflect on political and societal questions as well as discuss topics such as democratic participation, social justice, unemployment, inhumanity, right-wing extremist ideologies and violence. The target groups are not just comprising at risk youth but als the ones that need to be empowered.

The local facilitators of youth work and/or with subcultural and youthcultural backgrounds will be trained in methods of post-traditional civic education (human rights oriented, anti-bias etc.) and in using youth and subcultures in their pedagogical work. The training includes civic education and human rights education in the context of youth cultures.

Aim of the two day train-the-trainer Fair Skills methods workshop for facilitators is building up a professional local team of trainers that will be able to conduct own trainings and workshops for adolescents.

Both seminar and workshop is led by experts of Cultures Interactive e.V., a non-governmental organization whose staff has engaged in work involving creative youth culture, social pedagogy, therapeutic methods and civic education for many years. Since 2001, CI has been developing and testing a practice approach for both the prevention of and distancing from right-wing extremism, group-focused enmity, and religiously motivated hate ideologies. This approach includes concepts for schools, intensive training, community-oriented ‘social space methods’ as well as further training and counseling services.